Cartooning has changed a lot since I started over 50 years ago. Fewer magazines and trade journals are being published, fewer newspapers are printing fewer comic strips. Theaters no longer play animated cartoon before the main feature films. And you don't see as many comic books as you did in the golden age.

Still I remain optimistic about the future for cartoonists. The digital age has opened up new markets. Websites and blogs have become the new magazines and trade journals. Cartoonists publish their comic strips online and animated cartoons now appear on a number of video sites such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, and many others. Since animation can now be produced by programs such as Flash, Adobe Animator and Toon Boom, costs and crew sizes needed to produce them have been drastically reduced.

On this website I will produce articles, reports and examples, showing cartoonists some of the many opportunities available in this digital cartooning world. I urge you to sign up for my email list so I can inform you when new articles are published.


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Graphics Software Programs - Some For Free

Monetizing Your Cartoon Content

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Tips To Help You Sell More Magazine Cartoons

We're Just Getting Started

This website will be adding more articles and also going into more depth on some of the articles listed here. When we add new articles those who are subscribed to my email list will be notified. Stay tuned!

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