Market List - How To Find Places To Sell Your Cartoon Drawings

I have compiled a list of a few markets to get you started. You can access my list on the following page:

Here are a couple of other sources for marketing information:

Gag Recap

I think this newsletter is valuable to cartoonists and gagwriters, partially because they are frequently uncovering new cartoon markets, but also because they give you examples to help you sell your own cartoons. They recap which cartoons a number of publications have used, give you information on what publishers pay, how they want cartoons submitted, which rights they are buying and more. They also give the name of the cartoonist who sells each gag. I subscribe to this publication myself and I receive no commissions for recommending him.

Artist's Market

This book is published every year and is available in most bookstores, such as Barnes & Noble. You can also order it from the link above.

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